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100% Hawaiian Macadamia Nuts

Every single one of our macadamia nuts are grown, processed, and packaged on the Big Island of Hawaii. Da local kine!

All of our premium flavored mac nuts are made in small batches with real ingredients for a gourmet experience. With 10 different flavors, the hardest part is choosing your favorite!

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100% Hamakua Coffee

No, it's not Kona coffee. It's something you've probably never experienced before.

Also grown on the Big Island, but on the "wet side," our 100% Hamakua coffee is known for being unique and flavorful, with very low acidity or bitterness.

Now you just have to decide: light, medium, or dark roast!

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Nuts about chocolate? We've got you covered!

Try our chocolate covered macadamia nuts, chocolate covered coffee beans, and our own macadamia nut chocolate spread - macnella!

You deserve to indulge. Just Go Nuts!

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Dressings, Oils & Spreads

We admit it.. we go a little nuts in the kitchen!

And you can too!

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Granola & Pancake Mix

Need a snack on the go? Grab our gratifying granola made with our macadamia nuts, Hawaiian honey, rolled oats and more.

Or start your day with with a crunch! Pick your favorite pancake flavor, with our small macadamia nut pieces thrown in there.

Delicious, easy, and convenient.

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Gift Packs

Fresh, small batch, gourmet quality. Gifts that will impress and delight.

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Tell 'em where you got 'em!

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