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Our Operation

We often get the question: "where's the farm?" We actually don't have ONE single location.

Our operation is spread out over multiple locations in and around Honoka'a town, on the Hamakua Coast of the Big Island.

We have a retail store, a macadamia processing facility, a coffee farm, and macadamia nut orchards. Plus we work with dozens of local macadamia nut farmers big and small.

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The Nuthouse

Our certified commercial kitchen and nut store is located just on the edge of the heart of Historic Honoka'a Town. Once a sugar cane haul truck fueling station, we have once again (see below) transformed a piece of agricultural history into a part of Ahualoa Family Farms.

When coming from Hilo, pull off the highway onto Mamane street and we're one of the first stops on the left before you get into downtown. Stop in to talk story, grab a cup of coffee, snack on some nuts, and smell what we have cookin'!

Welcome to the Nuthouse!

Hawaii's Oldest & Newest Macadamia Nut Factory

This historic building was the reason Honoka’a used to be called "The Mac Nut Capital of the World.” It was shut down in the 90’s and has seen years of neglect. But when we saw first saw it, we went nuts! We knew we had to bring this beauty back to life.

We’ve been tirelessly restoring this magnificent piece of Hawaii’s agricultural history and installing new macadamia nut processing equipment. Now this gem is both the oldest and the newest macadamia nut factory in Hawaii!

Learn How Macadamia Nuts Are Processed

Hamakua Coffee Farm

No, it's not Kona coffee. It's something you've probably never experienced. Also grown on the Big Island, but on the "wet side," our 100% Hamakua coffee is known for being unique and flavorful, with very low acidity and bitterness.

Although macadamia nuts are what we are known for, word is spreading about our tiny coffee planting. Grown about a mile outside of Honoka'a in the small community called Pa’auhau, meaning “Land of Sunshine.” This gentle sloping region was heavily farmed during the sugar cane era, and now mostly home to pasture…and our coffee!

Learn How Coffee is Grown

Hamakua Coast Macadamia Nut Orchards

This is where it all started. The very first macadamia trees ever planted in Hawaii, way back in the 1880s, are just a few miles down the road on the way to Waipio Valley.

Nuts, right??

There are macadamia nut orchards all over the historic Hamakua Coast, and many of them are harvested and brought to our Mac Nut Factory to be processed! We buy nuts from local growers big and small - some have a few trees in their backyard, while others have orchards with thousands of trees!

Learn How Macadamia Nuts Are Grown

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