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How our Coffee is Grown


100% Hamakua Coffee

No, it's not Kona coffee. Yes, we're biased, but we think it's better!

1. Coffee Orchard

Our coffee orchard is in gorgeous Pa’auhau (“Land of Sunshine”) on the Hamakua Coast of the Big Island. It's lush, green, picturesque coffee trees deliver the most delicious cup of coffee thanks to our mild climate, high rainfall, and deep volcanic soils.

2. Coffee Trees

The trees go through careful pruning, leaving only 3-4 vertical branches allowing for proper sunlight and airflow and maintained at a height that can be easily harvested by hand.

3. Flowers

These beautiful coffee flowers will produce coffee cherry in about 9 months. By the way, did you know coffee is a fruit and actually called a cherry while growing on the plant?

4. Immature Coffee Cherry

Once pollinated, the flowers slowly form the green immature coffee cherry. With coffee, green does NOT mean go. We hand pick every coffee cherry, so we’ll leave this one alone until it’s perfectly ripe and red.

5. Ripe Cherry

A beautiful sight, this red coffee cherry is ready to be picked by hand. Each cherry will have two seeds (future coffee beans) inside it. Sometimes mother nature blesses us with a single large round seed/bean known as a peaberry.

6. Float Tank

The first post-harvest step is a refreshing swim. Once it’s picked by hand, the coffee cherry goes into the float tank where the perfectly ripe and sound cherry sinks to the bottom and any damaged, over ripe, or immature cherry floats off the top.

7. Pulping

Next, the fleshy pulp of the cherry is removed (pulped), exposing the precious cargo inside (coffee beans!).

8. Parchment

Once the pulp is removed, this stage of the coffee bean is called parchment and has a slimy outer layer called mucilage.

9. Fermentation

The coffee parchment ferments in these tanks for 48 hours to remove any remaining mucilage as well as enhance the flavor.

10. Drying

After spending 2 days in the fermentation tanks, the parchment will spend another 5-7 days on these drying racks to remove moisture, allowing the parchment to be safely stored at a stable state.

11. Bagging

Once dry, the parchment is placed in burlap bags ready to be sent to the mill. A beautifully satisfying sight!

12. Green Bean

A mill removes the protective hull around the bean, exposing the green bean… finally ready to roast!

13. Roasting

Roasting coffee is both an art and a science. Roasting at different time and temperatures create different flavors.

14. Our Roasts

All the same beans, but roasted at different temperatures. The dark roast is rich and smooth, with very subtle notes of chocolate. The medium roast is bold and assertive. The light roast is the most complex, with lighter notes of butterscotch and caramel.

15. Enjoy

Finally what you have been waiting for, a cup of our 100% Hamakua coffee.

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